Reliable and accurate knowledge application

Safe to Play app provides needed answers to the safety of play and sports areas.

Anywhere. Anytime. Easily. 100% accurate!

  • Information is always up to date and accuracy is guaranteed by top experts of the field.
  • Languages that are already included are English, German, Chinese, Finnish, Latvian. Under translation are: Swedish, Russian. Planned are French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
  • Features that make this app easy to use are Word Search, Personal notes and bookmarks that serve as links and are synchronized between all your devices, ability to freely share www-links to content.
  • For three devices.

Step 1: Install the app

Step 2: Register

  • Register in-app or at user.s2p.fi. Only username, password and email are needed!
  • If you are S2P certified, use your certification username and password.

Step 3: Buy access time here

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Terms and conditions

Registration for Safe to Play training (hereafter referred to as training) is done via an online form, phone call, e-mail or any other means that can be verified later. Order confirmation will be sent to the email given by the student (hereinafter customer).


The invoicing information shall be given at the time of the order and the first pdf-invoice is included in the price. Additional invoices may be added with additional fee as given in the price list.

Product sales

Safe to Play Oy sells only to corporate customers. An order can be cancelled 24 hours after ordering. Products cannot be returned.

Training cancelation

Registration to a training can be cancelled free of charge over the period of 7 days after the registration. Later the cancellation is not possible, but the participation may be transferred to another person, even to a different company.

Due to a force major situation the participation may be transferred to the next training. However, the training is invoiced normally plus an additional € 50 per cancelled day to cover room and serving costs.

Training security

The trainings are organized in suitable and secure premises.

A customer whose behaviour disturbs the training will receive an oral request to stop. If the disturbance continues, he receives a warning in a bilateral conversation. If disturbing behaviour still continues, the student will be asked to leave and, if necessary, removed by the security personnel. A person who has been removed from the training receives a one-year ban on participating in Safe to Play training. All of his training fees and other depreciation costs, including any compensation paid for other students due to the disruption or compensation for their leaving from the training, will be charged in full.


Disputes will be resolved in the District Court of the training organiser’s home town.